How to order international:


This is how our checkout looks like:

1) If you want your order to be shipped to another country you need to change here.

If you can't find your country - please e-mail us and we will add it to the list.


2) Choose your alternative for Shipping.
Registered or Non Registered envelope.


3) Your name, address and other shipping information,
don't forget to check the box to confirm that you've read our terms and conditions!



Other information on this page:


Swedish = English

Villkor = Terms & Conditions
Fraktkostnad = Shipping & Handling (Postage)
Expeditionsavgift = Handling fee for PayPal
Totalt exkl moms = Total excluding VAT (out of EU)
Totalt inkl moms = Total including VAT (inside EU)
Skapa Inloggningskonto = Save your records for an account and login next time!
Jag har en rabattkod = I have a Voucher
Jag vill ange ett meddelande = I want to write a message
Skicka order! = Send Order

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