Info about our Pictures

Our Pictures:

We have photographed all our pictures for the webshop in an angle on purpose, since the images seems to be hot stuff among Asian companies to steal and make bad copies. It is a difficult balance between giving you as a costumer a good picture of what you are buying vs trying not to provide easy to copy (steal) material. 

We are asking for your comprehension why we did it like this.
You can still see the motifs pretty good if you click the magnifier on each product, 
you can read all the texts when magnified.

Thank YOU for supporting the small company and the real artist

instead of buying copies in inferior material made from stolen images.

Pictures with the banner "Nostalgi" shows kits including images that has been produced before at hÄnglar & stÄnglar. The images might be redesigned a bit for the Clear version. 


All images in this webshop are Copyright protected!

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention there are pirate copies of our stamps in China/Asia,
although we tried to protect our pictures in several ways.

How do I know if I'm buying a genuine item/stamp or not?
Our stamps can ONLY be bought from our web-shop, or from one of our approved retailers listed at this page.
If you are unsure, please contact us to find out if the company is approved or not.

We do not sell through any websites in Asia!
If you still find stamps there, you may think you are buying "our" stamps because the pictures are stolen from us and used in their ads = False marketing! What you'll get in your mailbox is far from a genuine product from hÄnglar & Wings.

What you'll probably get is:
* A package without logo or insert.
* A stamp in crappy material (silicone instead of Photopolymer)
A silicone stamp is softer, does not receive ink as well and the image will not
stamp well and probably have thicker lines than necessary.
* A stamp with typo
* A stamp with extra lines (from our logo!!)
* A stamp with missing lines (because of our logo!!)
* No guarantees on the product
* Rubbish for the money!

You'll also contribute to:
* Theft
* Reduced sales for the genuine company
(who try to make their living on their designs and the products)
* Distorted competition and problems with profitability for the company
* Lost tax revenue for society
* Possible money laundering, which according to the Swedish Customs Service often is a major problem in the trade of pirated copies.

Sample of one of our stolen images below: 

LEFT - What you think you'll get to (heads up - why is the logo pixelated??)
RIGHT - What you actually get (could be extra lines + missing lines)
BELOW - genuine stamp!

Please note - this is not the only image stolen!

If you find our images somewhere else than in our webshop or at our retailers please e-mail us and tell! 
You are most welcome to report any company/ seller who use stolen designs from us.

/Lisa & Marie