Info about our Pictures

Our Pictures:

We have photographed all our pictures for the webshop in an angle on purpose, since the images seems to be hot stuff among Asian companies to steal and make bad copies. It is a difficult balance between giving you as a costumer a good picture of what you are buying vs trying not to provide easy to copy (steal) material. 

We are asking for your comprehension why we did it like this. You can still see the motifs pretty good if you click the magnifier on each product - you can read all the texts when magnified.

Thank YOU for supporting the small company and the real artist instead of buying copies in inferior material made from stolen images.

Pictures with the banner "Nostalgi" shows kits including images that has been produced before at hÄnglar & stÄnglar. The images might be redesigned a bit for the Clear version. 


All images in this webshop are Copyright protected!