Info about Digital Stamps

Digital stamp FAQ:  


FAQ: What is a digital stamp?

Digital stamps from hÄnglar & Wings are original illustrations hand-drawn by Marie Julin, one of the owners at hÄnglar & Wings AB. 

You open and print the image (digital stamp) at your computer using Word or any photo editing software and any printer.


FAQ: What's the deal about digital stamps? 

You can resize and flip the images if you like.

You can merge (mask) several images together easily (using a photo editing program you manage).

Lower prices since we have no manufacture costs.

You can buy these from anywhere in the world at no shipping cost.

You get the files shortly after payment.


FAQ: What about the .png format?

Png is perfect if you like to merge images together since you don't have any white "frame" around the image. No white will be overlapping another image if you place them close to each other. Png is also a better format for black and white line images.

You'll find a tutorial about using the files and how to print them in our blog:


FAQ: What am I buying?

The image you'll receive are black and white - not colored.

A digital stamp is a digital file - no physical product is sent.

You are purchasing a LICENSE for personal use only, to use our images on your handmade, hand colored One of a Kind cards or projects. 

When payment is fulfilled, our webshop will automatically send out a download link to the file. 

You may NOT use our images for logos, banners, flyers or other similar things (Please read our copyright + Angel Policy). Please note, changing the image (flipping, rotating, resizing etc) does NOT pass the ownership/copyright to you.

You may not digitize the design for embroidery.

All Copyright remain to hÄnglar & Wings AB.


FAQ: Can I share or selling my projects?

Uploading your projects to blogs, galleries, websites or submitting cards or projects for magazines are permitted and encouraged! Please give credit to hÄnglar & Wings where it's possible.

You may sell One of a Kind handmade cards and other projects with colored images in a limited edition, but NOT the uncolored image or digital file itself in any way. "Sharing" digital images is stealing, so please do not pass the digital files to friends and family, ask them to buy their own license.

No photocopying or mechanical reproduction from our images is allowed unless permission is granted (Please read our copyright + Angel Policy).


FAQ: How about commercial use?

You may NOT use images from hÄnglar & Wings AB for commercial sale or promotional material unless permission is granted.


FAQ: How Do I Pay?

Payments can be made via PayPal, Klarna or Swish (only swedish customers). 


FAQ: When and how do I get the digital stamps?

1. Look for an e-mail from hÄnglar & Wings AB. Check the spam folder too!

2. In the e-mail you'll get the .png files or a zip file. Make sure you SAVE the purchased files on your computer. A great tip is to name a folder "hänglar & Wings" and store all digital images from us in the same place.

3. The download link will work for 2 (TWO) downloads. We recommend you to back-up your digital files as we CAN NOT send them again for you later if you lose your images. PLEASE back up your files in a safe place.


FAQ: How do I open this file I just got?

The .png files are ready to use. You can use Word or any photo editing software and any printer.

If you receive a zip file, you need to unzip it before you can use it. Right click on your zip file and choose "extract to" and a new folder will be created with your png file inside - ready to use.

Open or import it through the menu of the program you choose for your digital files or drag and drop if it's possible.


FAQ: How Do I Print?

1. Open your png in Word or other photo editing software.

2: Resize to chosen size by highlighting the image and grab the corner to resize. You need to press Shift, so your image doesn't distort!

3. Repeat 1 and 2 if you want to print more than one image on your paper.

4. When ready - Print!

Please note - choose the right kind of paper depending on what media you want to color your images with. You might also need to check that your printer accepts the paper thickness and had the right kind of "ink" for your media.

FAQ: Will our images be Digital, Clear or both?

Please note our first digital stamps will be from artwork earlier released as Rubber Stamps. These MAY also be turned into Clear Stamps in the future.

We may also release brand new images as digital stamps first, and those may also be turned into Clear Stamps in the future.

If we turn brand new images into Clear Stamps first, they will NOT be released as a digital image within the first year.

We might though release the same image in Clear AND Digi at the same time, if so, this will be clearly noted in the product info for you!


FAQ: What about freebies?

Our freebies are very rare and special! The deal is to be at the right place at the right time. You are NOT allowed to share a freebie just because you got it for free. If your friends want it, they need to catch it their selves!


FAQ: What is the return policy?

Once the link to the digital file are sent out there are no refunds. We highly recommend you back up your images as well as other important files on your computer. hÄnglar & Wings are not responsible for replacing files due to computer failure.


hÄnglar & Wings AB