Info about our Stamps

About our Rubberstamps:

PLEASE NOTE! Stock with rubber stamps can vary! If something is out of stock we DO NOT promise when or IF it ever comes back instock again. Only limited batches from the press. 

All rubberstamps are unmounted without index sheet and you'll have to clean cut the motif yourself and do the mounting (not included). Rubber stamps are packaged together to reduce enviromental impact.

About our Clear Stamps:

Our Clear Stamps are made in high quality Photopolymer. The material is completely transparent and makes it easy to see exactly where to stamp. The stamps are about 3.2mm thick, which gives a good depth of the image as well as a steady base of the stamp. 

The back is "self-adhesive" and it's the material itself that makes it easy to attach to an acrylic block. The Photopolymer material works excellent for all types of water-based ink and is easy to clean. If you use oil or solvent-based inks, remember that long-term use of these can damage the material. Clean extra carefully after using these and your stamps will last longer. Some color pigments may discolor the stamps, but that will not affect the function in any way.

The stamps do not contain latex, phthalates, melamine, carcinogens or toxic and harmful compounds. The material is not tested for use with food.

They are delivered between two sturdy plastic sheets, one printed with the stamps' motifs. This makes it easy to see which stamps each set contains. The insert in paper provides our information. It's all packed in a clear bag that is 100% recyclable.

The stamps are manufactured in Europe and it was very important for us to quality-proof the stamps before we started ordering recurring. With over 34 years of collected experience in this business, we could only see ourselfs offer our customers the best quality.

Store your Clear Stamps, dry and out of sunlight and heat. Feel free to store the stamps on the original plastic to make sure they does not react with other materials.

Use together with an acrylic handle. No mounting or cutting around edges needed. 

Remove stamp from plastic sheet with gentle hand first time you use it. 

Clean your stamps with stamp cleaner for clear stamps, soap and water or alcohol free baby wipes.

Tip before inking the stamp up first time: clean your clear stamp with stamp cleaner or rubb your palm over the stamp a few time before inking it up.  If the stamp won't stick to your acrylic handle you'll just clean it with soap and water and it will be sticky again. 

Photopolymerstamps is designed to work exellent with water soluble ink. They will also work good with oil and alcohol based inks, but long-term use can harm your stamps. Make sure you clean them after use.