Personalized Stamps

IMPORTANT! Read through before you place your order!

YOU CAN ORDER:  July 1st - 15th 2024
(shipped out mid/late august)

More English and other languages samples will be added later or up on request! 
Please note you can only personalize the part with "names" etc - not the other words. 

1) Please check your text carefully and at least twice - we can not exchange personalized stamps!

2) Check the sample to estimate if your text will fit. Lots of text = smaller letters and it will be hard to read and we strongly recommend you to avoid this! We will adjust size as long as it is possible for the stamp to look good. 

3) With each sample there is information about what text you can change to your personalized text. Often it's the phrase: "Your Name here", "Last Name", "Family Last name" etc. The other text will not be exchangeable. If it's written in English, it will be in English, if it's written in Swedish - there will be Swedish etc. It's just and only the "name-part" you can change. 

4) Font and picture will be as the sample. You'll also find information about approx size for the finished stamp. PLEASE NOTE! Some designs have UPPERCASE and some lowercase. If you wish something else than the sample - you'll need to express that CLEARLY in the comment box! (extra space for comments in check-out!) Some stamps don't have space for a uppercase letter or the letter doesn't have the right squiggle etc and we will follow the samples alternative. 

5) Do NOT forget about writing your own personalized text in the space for this - alternative in the comment box in check-out. If we can't find any information about your tex we will use information from the person who placed the order! It's very important that we can find clear information about your text! If we can't use information from the person who placed the order, we'll cancel the order. 

6) Order your personalized stamps separate from other products! You can always order several personal stamps in the same order. 

7) Shipping and payment etc. take place according to our other terms of purchase.

8) The possibility to order personalized stamps will show up approx 4 times a year. 

9) Your personalized stamp will be shipped to you approx 4 weeks after the last order date we set up. 

10) Personalized stamps are not included in sales, discounts etc. 

11) Personalized stamps are in the same high quality as our other Clear Stamps.