PERSONAL - 081 Frame - Handstämplat av

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Article Number: PERSONLIG-081

This is a personalized stamp. Please read all information before your order! 

  • Please check your text twice! Personalized stamps are not exchangeable. 
  • Check the sample to estimate if your text will fit. Lots of text = smaller letters and it will be hard to read and we strongly recommend you to avoid this! We will adjust size as long as it is possible for the stamp to look good. 
  • On this stamp you can exchange the phrase "Namn Efternamn" to your Name and/or Last name. If we can't find any information in the note field we'll use the name of the person who placed the order. 
  • Font and picture will be as shown in the sample. 
  • Order your personalized stamps separate from other products! You can always order several personal stamps in the same order. If you have placed other products together with your personal stamps, we reserve the right to cancel your personal stamp from that order and send you the other products. Shipping will be approx 3 weeks from last ordering date. 
  • Personalized stamps are in the same high quality as our other Clear Stamps. Your stamp will be delivered without any print on the acetate sheet. To be used and cared of as our other Clear Stamps. 

Size: approx 4x1,5 cm