KIT - Meaningful

From 2023 we'll change the kit Meaningful. 

It will still be Swedish sentences - but also "etc" - so there is chances our international buyers like this kit too. From now on you will always see what you buy in this kit. 

It could be one set or several, and not only A6. It will be a Pre-order during a short period of time and you need to order this kit separate. We will only order so many as we have pre-orders for, and possible just a few extras will end up in our shop. But if they are gone - they are gone! We don't call it Limited Edition, but these ones will not be in our regular stock of stamps. There might be a chance later on to pre-order these again if enough people show interest.  This kit can also be sold via our retailers - since they will get the same chance as you to buy the kit during the pre-order period. 

Please order this kit Separate since it's a pre-order!