Meaningful #2 - 2022 (sold August 25-31)

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Article Number: 22-MF-augusti

Meaningful is a new kit with only Swedish text / sentenses. One of the sets are always an alphabet. The others are a mix of what you seen in our line of text stamps. You can find everything from the cool snarky ones to backgrounds with words. Exactly what it includes is a secret.... of course, but we promise you it's the best hÄnglar & Wings spirit of words!
Please note this are ONLY Swedish texts! 

Order the kit: August 25th - 31st 2022 *
Shipping: Direct
Includes:  Kit includes four A6 sheets of Clear Stamps with Swedish texts/sentenses and two printed sheets with Swedish sentenses. All will be packed in a mesh plastic bag with a zipper. 

* might sold out before that date

Kit includes four A6 sets of Clear Stamps, and it will also include two prints with Swedish texts. Kit is shipped in a plastic bag with zipper and you can use it for storage. 

The kit can be ordered for just one week (7 days), don't miss your chance! 

NEWS! Kit is available at once and will be packed and shipped among our other stamps etc. 

Limited amount of kits, they might sold out before the ordering window. 
The sets from this kit will be released in our webshop about 4 weeks after it's sold as kit. 

(regular price for the kit 776SEK) 

(PLEASE NOTE! If you wish to invoke the Distance Contract Act you need to return EVERYTHING in the Meningsfullt kit. We can't accept just parts of the kit.)