Pure Happiness #6 - Flowerogram - spring 2021 (A7)

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Article Number: 21-RL-Spring



Stamps included in the kit:

HW21225 Flicka med Påsklilja A7
HW21226 Pingstliljeflicka A7
HW21227 Tulpanflicka A7
HW21228  Tulpanpojke A7

Do you want to receive Pure Happiness before everyone else? Order between february 19th - 25th 2021


THEME: Flowerogram
SHOP:  february 19th-25th *
SHIPPED: Direct! 

Kit includes:  4 st A7-set Clear Stamps. 
Can be ordered together with other items! 


Treat yourself with Pure Happiness and you'll receive a kit of Clear Stamps with never released images, before anyone else, with great savings! The kit is secret, but we promise it's in the best hÄngla-spirit, so if you love our characters, we think you'll love these too. The words / texts in the kit will be in English, as in our other Clear Stamp sets. 

You'll just have 1 week (7 days) to order the kit, so don't miss the chance when the "buy-button" lights up!
>> NEWS!  The Kit will be available at once and packed and shipped as our other stamps.   
*PLEASE NOTE! The kit will be limited! We reserve our rights for selling out. 
About 2 weeks after the period for buying the kit is over, we'll release the stamp by sets in our webshop at ordinary prices. .

Since the kits now are available at once you can order those together with our other stamps!  

(reg price 396 SEK)

(PLEASE NOTE! If you wish to invoke the Distance Contract Act you need to return EVERYTHING in the Pure Happiness kit. We can't accept just parts of the kit.)